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Strategic Consulting

At Jake Riley, we specialise in working as a business consultant with new start-ups, established small to medium sized businesses as well as government departments and non-governmental organisations which have a specific goal.

This may be to accelerate business growth and profitability, expand the business, explore and move into new market sectors or aim to survive and consolidate in this ever challenging climate.

We work in close collaboration with clients, and use our experience and business-process knowledge to create and implement solutions that deliver results.

Our experienced teams in Abuja and London understand the environment and global business requirements. We link businesses with high-profile contacts, providing business intelligence and matching partners.

Facilitation of Strategy Sessions, Staff and Board Retreats

At Jake Riley, we believe that if your strategic planning or team meeting is important enough for people to devote their time to it, they deserve a neutral facilitator to ensure the meeting flows smoothly, everyone participates and difficult decisions are made.

We have a variety of methods and approaches for creating the structure and context for a successful retreat.

We often work with boards and staff to determine the mission, vision and values for the organization.

We create or revisit bylaws, set guidelines and practices based in consensus among relevant parties, and engage board, staff and partners in long term strategic planning.

Our experts guide the process to keep the discussion focused, on track and on time.


  • Team Building
  • Building a Vision
  • Conflict  &Issue Processing
  • Coaching
  • Team Process Observation
  • Management, Departmental, Staff or Board Retreats
  • Senior Staff Team Development and Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Facilitation of Task Force, Committee, Project Team Meetings
  • Assist communication processing in mergers and acquisitions

Change Management

To succeed, your organisation needs to be efficient and effective. Moving with the tide of change is important, but so is having an anchor.

At Jake Riley, we believe the most successful institutions and businesses are those that understand how to combine change and continuity. We help to strengthen core identity and image, optimise internal and external communications and systems, and develop dynamic strategies for continuous service improvement or business growth.

Jake Riley is a catalyst for change, helping clients to stand out in their field through strong, clearly defined strategies, simplified management and optimum communications. Our approach is

Effective: We keep things simple and straightforward, ensuring that all changes are relevant, sustainable and high-impact.

Dynamic: Our creative strategies promote advancement at all levels, using a wide variety of approaches and channels.

Holistic: We look at the whole picture, from the daily working environment and operations through to global positioning, to provide fully integrated solutions that bring all levels of staff together under a shared vision.

Jake Riley has established a strong reputation in the field of change management. Our team includes specialists in organisational development, talent management and strategic branding and marketing.

We also have a well-established focus on African public sector organisations. Combined with our wide-ranging international experience, this makes Jake Riley a leading provider of world-class change management solutions for African institutions.


Discovery: Detailed information-gathering, both quantitative and qualitative, is vital.

We offer an all-round ‘health-check’ of the organisation, to get a good understanding of the existing operating environment and challenges, as well as internal systems and communications.

Design: We prepare a report based on our data findings and analysis, using a range of profiling and benchmarking tools and assessments. We then outline strategies for optimising efficiency and impact.

Delivery: Finally, we provide support in implementing changes. This may include developing marketing and branding materials, running internal workshops to deliver key messages and skills to staff, and advising on the implementation of other internal changes to systems and structures.


Jake Riley is an international group of consultants provide cost-effective solutions for organisations that want to be recognised for service excellence. Our goal is to make our clients stand out and thereby become respected and successful institutions.

The key to successful change is individual empowerment. We include all staff members, at all levels, in the process of change to align staff behaviours to corporate values. This means providing tools and frameworks to empower people to bring about change themselves.

This transparency helps spread understanding of the organisation’s core values and targets for the future, strengthening relationships and ensuring the whole workforce shares in the reasons for and advantages of change. Empowered employees deliver enhanced performance.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to change management. Every institution is different, which is why we place so much emphasis on research.

We gather data from all areas of the organisation – including internal working culture, market environment, systems and procedures, management practices and performance indicators. That means we can identify the most relevant and high-impact solutions for your organisation. We turn internal messages into high impact external solutions.


We embrace the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) model, which views positivity as a key tool in bringing about effective change. In practice, this means asking the questions ‘What are we doing well?’ and ‘How can we do even better?’, rather than ‘What’s going wrong?’

The contrast is huge. Bringing people together to focus on positives rather than negatives is one of the most powerful tools for effective, sustainable progress.

We have worked with a wide range of projects and clients, including public bodies and national corporations, in Nigeria and elsewhere.

  • Habiba Balogun Consulting
  • Ontario Oil & Gas
  • Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club
  • Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company Ltd (AUMTCO)
  • Abuja Market Management Limited
  • Nigerian National Primary Health Care Development Agency
  • Access Bank
  • Dansa
  • UBA Group