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People Services

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With offices in Abuja and London, we offer a comprehensive range of services from high-volume recruitment campaigns to specialist senior assignments across a wide range of departments in the public sector.

 At Jake Riley, we understand that the primary objective in any recruitment exercise is to find the best candidate, therefore, it is our custom to work closely with clients and develop a robust process to successfully recruit qualified personnel to achieve organizational goals.

With transparency, integrity and professionalism underpinning the process, we have the expertise to take charge of the search and selection process - overseeing advertising, applicant screening, assessments, interviews, reference checking, offers and induction.



Over the years, Jake Riley has assisted clients to deliver in-house and tailor-made training courses. Such customized training solutions not only give cost benefit to the respective clients, but also provide the added advantage of adapting the course to address specific requirements in the public sector.

 Jake Riley provides practical and well-rounded trainings on specific tools, methodologies and practices in the public sector using traditional classroom instructor-led approaches or computer-based solutions.

 In order to ensure that the client derives maximum benefits from such training, we work closely with them to design a comprehensive training package.


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Accounting and finance

Leadership and Management

Human Resources

Project Management

Planning and strategy

• Budgeting and strategic corporate planning

• Financial statement Analysis for emerging economies

• Treasury management budgeting and finance analysis

• Accounting for non-Accountants

• Infrastructure management accounting

• Accounting and disclosure rules for financial instruments and institutions

• Advanced Computerized Accounting system

• Fraud detection, prevention and control

• Bank inspection and internal control forensic accounting and fraud auditing

• International public sector accounting standards

• IFRS II: Financial Statements/(F/S) Analysis and Interpretation

• Strategic financial planning and performance management

• Strategic financial planning and performance management

• Risk Based Auditing

• Retail Banking Strategy and Management

• Cost Management: Strategies for business Decisions

• Effective account reconciliation and Analysis

• Advanced financial statement Analysis


• Corporate governance and economic restructuring in emerging economies

• Strategic planning and management of organization change

• Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence

• Leadership Competencies for effective corporate Government

• Business Development and Relationship skills

• Change management and monitoring for public institutions

• Productivity and efficiency enhancement Techniques for public sector

• Personal effectiveness and total quality control for superior organizational performance

• Achieving service excellence and synergistic relationship management

• Inspirational leadership for government

• Value based leadership

• Strategy and exemplary leadership

• Advanced leadership skills for effective management

• Interpersonal leadership skills and Team Building


• Human Relations and Etiquette for public institutions

• Performance management skills for managers

• How to write human resources policies and procedures

• Work ethics, accountability and corruption prevention and control in work place

• Performance improvement and accountability in public service • Recruitment, interviewing and selection      • Strategic recruitment and retention master class           • Developing presentation skills

• Dynamic time and stress management

• Human resources management

• Organizational behaviour

• Scenarios programme


• Standardization strategies and techniques for PPP 

• Project management training

• Management, Finance and Valuation

• Infrastructure project planning and control              • PPP-Advanced infrastructure project management and control 


• Effective policy Analysis and development master class                     • Public sector boards

• Project management  • Crisis management and contingency planning

• Risk evaluation and management

• Conflict management master class

• Balanced score card: planning and mapping strategy            • Effective programme evaluation in government master-master class   • Public sector fundamentals; a bridge course in government systems , frameworks and processes

• Strategic change management in government master class  • Strategic thinking and planning

• Organization and workplace planning

• The balanced scorecard: Achieving performance excellence

• Successful planning, organizing and control  • Risk management for Managers


PR and Communication



• Public Relation Campaign: from planning to execution

• Business etiquette and protocol  • Delivering powerful presentations

• Communication and interpersonal skills

• Resolving conflict with the customer  • Advanced communication skills

• Negotiation skills master class

• Conflict management master class

• Protocol, Etiquette and Hosting

• International protocol and Etiquette

• Planning and developing a PR Strategy   • Industrial relations




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