Supporting Public Sector Organisations

Our Mission

To be the champion of public sector reform within Africa and beyond.

our vision

To provide innovative and substantial solutions designed to effect change.

Our Services

People & Culture

The Public Sector deserves the prerequisite human capital to drive government initiatives. At JR we are Responsible for the sourcing and delivery of People & Culture related services to the public sector.


The current tide in the Public Sector is geared towards digital transformation. At Jake Riley, Our Technology Services involve helping the public sector define and implement the best solutions for digitalized and automated processes that increase efficiency and productivity. Our services are customized to meet public sector core requirements to deliver applicable policies.


A good image and promotion of government initiatives is key to the effective delivery. JR Communication and Branding is responsible for the sourcing and delivery of branding & communication services as required for our public sector clients as applicable.


Public Sector organizations generally require functional solutions that deliver business support services, based on specialized knowledge and best practice. At JR, we provide bespoke support services such as market entry analysis, business intelligence, compliance management, document management, Revenue generation advisory, and collection and Money for Value Audit.


Governance requires continuous scanning of the environment and listening to demands with a view to creating opportunities for valued changes. We at Jake Riley are passionate about reforms within the Public Sector and most of our work has been to assist MDAs work effectively and efficiently. We work with MDAs to understand their vision and devise ways via projects that exhibit its capability to problem-solving, ability to influence others, resilience, ability to work collaboratively under strategic leadership. This in turn creates sustainable project deliverables which benefit lives on in perpetuity.


Accelerating Government Customers’ Journey to Cloud: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Obtains FedRAMP JAB P-ATO Accreditation

Recently, we announced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Government Cloud obtained a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB). Having already achieved two FedRAMP High Agency ATOs, Oracle’s achievement of the FedRAMP High JAB P-ATO further assures....

Infinite cloud scalability for the intelligence community

By: Dr. Marty Trevino, Jr. In my last blog, I spoke with Scott Gaetjen, Chief Architect of Oracle National Security Group’s Cloud Program Management Office (PMO). We talked about the many benefits Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers to the U.S. intelligence community.

Top 10 Ways for Governments to Succeed with Machine Learning

The application of machine learning in computing has been one of the fastest-growing areas of information technology. Experienced government IT leaders understand that mining insights from data can transform their agency. I've experienced this same understanding as a professor at the University of Minnesota, when....

fintech-in-Nigeria-Jake-Riley-fintech-2021-technology adoption-COVID


by  | Nov 5, 2020 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has become an unexpected catalyst for technology adoption globally. Fintech had emerged as an organised sector from the 2008 global financial meltdown but could now even more become key enablers of innovation and disruption in the financial sector….

Business Update |PETROL PRICE HIKE

by  | Sep 24, 2020 

The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipreye Sylva, has said in Abuja that there is nothing the government can do to intervene in the new petrol price as it is a direct fallout of the deregulation policy announced in the petroleum sector in March.

“It is a necessary economic policy,” he said “Successive administrations had desired to achieve deregulation without success. Some lacked the political will, while for others the timing was not appropriate.



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