Benefits of Embracing Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Traditionally, inventory management is one of the most time-consuming and least popular tasks carried out by E-commerce businesses to keep their business running. It can be painstakingly boring and diverts resources from more important facets of the business, like growing the brand, improving efficiencies and adding new product lines. However, to boost efficiency and speed of access as well as to cut costs businesses are now embracing cloud-based inventory management. The benefits include

  1. Scalability

The right cloud inventory management system will scale as your business grows, from a small single-warehouse operation to an international distributor spanning multiple markets. The cloud makes it easy to add users, functionality, warehouses and suppliers—without the large-scale cost and effort required to implement a new on-premise system, or install it in new offices.

  1. Flexibility

A cloud-based inventory management system built with flexibility in mind allows you to define your business processes into the system. It offers flexibility for you to implement customisations and business rules that support your unique requirements. The optimal cloud architecture preserves these customizations for you, so that they remain intact even as the cloud provider periodically upgrades your system to the latest release.

  1. Visibility

Visibility into inventory availability is critical for planning replenishment to meet customer expectations and seasonal or even unexpected changes in demand. Taking this visibility factor further is managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations. In the cloud, this can all be visible from one location or from multiple locations.

  1. Safety and security

Safety of valuable information is guaranteed when cloud-based inventory management is used: data backup on storage devices is not needed as all data is kept securely in the cloud remotely. Any changes made are saved instantly, and security is taken care of by the service provider who constantly update the cloud inventory management software to avoid cyber-attacks.