OGFZA_Inventory Management Solution

The challange

Jake Riley was  awarded the contract to procure and implement a system for the operations management processes of OGFZA which helped in keeping accurate inventory and supervise the flow of goods that passes through the oil and gas free zones

The solution

We studied the requirements thoroughly, resulting in great confidence that our proposition reflected the needs of OGFZA. Relying on a robust applications and technology like Oracle, combined with our experience in similar environments, we assured the management of OGFZA that our proposition will meet the organization’s expectations. We used our partnership with oracle and our professional capacity and capability towards meeting the strategic goals pursued in line with OGFZA vision and mission envisaged.

The result

The Inventory management cloud was also implemented successfully helping OGFZA in keeping accurate inventory and supervising the flow of all goods that passes through the Oil and gas free zones.The solution also assisted OGFZA and its staff to achieve and maintain the core values of OGFZA which is high ethical standards of a responsible public service organization specifically committed to Integrity, Service and Technology.