Why Us

We have passion to help you succeed.

Jake Riley is a public sector-focused consultancy firm with a team of consultants passionate about public sector transformation. We are a leading international consultancy that assists the public sector to improve their performance, tackle challenges, ensure effective and efficient delivery of Government initiatives.

At Jake Riley, we aspire to be the champion of public sector reform within Africa and beyond. To achieve this vision, we aim to provide innovative and substantial solutions tailored to our clients’ needs to effect change, by adhering to our core values; which is a passion to help our clients succeed through Excellence and Professionalism, being client-focused, and delivering solutions to our clients with confidence backed with Integrity.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and substantial solutions designed to effect change

Our Vision

To be the champion of public sector reform within Africa and beyond.


Our core values






Our Services

JR People

The Public Sector deserves the prerequisite human capital to drive government initiatives. At JR we are Responsible for the sourcing and delivery of People & Culture related services to the public sector.


Jake Riley technology services in Nigeria include cloud implementation or deployment and consultancy

Technology Services

The current tide in the Public Sector is geared towards digital transformation. At Jake Riley, Our Technology Services involve helping the public sector define and implement the best solutions for digitalized and automated processes that increase efficiency and productivity. Our services are customized to meet public sector core requirements to deliver applicable policies.

jake riley management training and learning for public sector government organisations in Nigeria

Brand & Communications

A good image and promotion of government initiatives is key to the effective delivery. JR Communication and Branding is responsible for the sourcing and delivery of branding & communication services as required for our public sector clients as applicable.


Corporate Services

Public Sector organizations generally require functional solutions that deliver business support services, based on specialized knowledge and best practice. At JR, we provide bespoke support services such as market entry analysis, business intelligence, compliance management, document management, Revenue generation advisory, and collection and Money for Value Audit.