Jake Riley’s services are focused on four key corporate management areas.

People & Culture | Technology | Communication & Branding | Project & Corporate Services

Our Vision

We aspire to be champion of public sector reform within Africa and beyond

Our Values

Passion | Excellence | Professionalism |   Client-Focused | Integrity



Our Mission

To provide innovative and substantial solutions designed to effect change.

People & Culture

Our People and Culture Services are organised into four arms:

Organisational Change and Development

Our goal is to revolutionize our clients’ regular processes, making them extraordinary while enhancing productivity via innovations that align with the current global standards. We design and implement the required systems, structures, policies needed to reform the way you work and align you to your goals.


HR Delivery

We deliver on best practices for our clients on HR projects and services.


JR Jobs

We host a one-stop platform that supplies a database of qualified professionals across several fields actively seeking to be engaged. We also provide headhunting, recruitment as well as outsourcing services. With a keen sense of professionalism and excellence, we pride ourselves in seeking out and identifying the right persons for the job.


JR Academy

As an institution, Jake Riley Academy develops and improves skills, abilities, and confidence of employees in (but not limited to) the public sector. We aim to inspire a new generation of corporate leaders, thinkers, and innovators through our programs and courses which range from leadership and management to technical and vocational training.

Technology Services

In the age of cybertechnology, innovation is synonymous with digitalization. Our technology services here at Jake Riley involve helping companies define the best solutions for digitalized and automated processes that increase productivity and raise the competitive bar. These services include:

IT Consulting and Advisory

We advise organizations on the best solutions to enhance their processes and maintain their competitive edge while continually delivering excellence.

IT Managed Services

Our IT Managed Services are geared at driving operational excellence both within the organisation and externally.

Application Solution Development

Working with trusted brands and partners in tech innovation we develop and acquire innovative solutions that create unique niches and/or competitive differentiation as alternatives.

IT Infrastructure Management

We create cutting edge infrastructure architecture for proposals and contract execution to drive referrals.


Communication & Branding Services

Strategic Communication

We facilitate the development and implementation of an efficient and effective internal and external communication structure that defines, reinforces and highlights the organisation as well as its brand, products and services.

Branding Building & Reputation Management

With our expertise on brand reinforcement and messaging, we help organisations influence and control their brand image to highlight successes while managing and resolving any negative publicity/feedback.

Media Relations

We connect and coordinate new and potential clients to local and international media organisations for the purpose of informing the public of their mission, policies, practices as well as activities in a positive, consistent and credible manner.


We facilitate publication of in-house magazines, bulletins, and newsletters as well as corporate profiles, autobiographies, etc.


Project Management

We establish bespoke project management guidelines and frameworks to guide successful delivery for our clients.

Regulatory Compliance

We help clients identify and process the required permits and regulations needed to operate their businesses seamlessly.

Market Entry

We provide business development services that will propel your brand, product and services towards your target audience, as well as engage the right partners and investors.


We identify revenue generation options to ensure sustained cashflow to run your operations and also carry out revenue collection Value for money audit.



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Port Harcourt

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