Management Courses

Accounting & Finance Courses

Managerial Accounting: Performance Measurement, Compensation, and Governance

Course Duration: 3 Days

The course will examine the academic and professional controversies surrounding corporate governance and executive compensation. A basic framework will be developed to integrate the many important dimensions of corporate governance in Nigeria and international settings.

The institutional features of corporate governance and executive compensation will be documented using the professional business and legal literatures.

Corporate Treasury Management

Course Duration:  3 Days

Learn how to manage treasury activities more effectively using new approaches and technologies – global scope with special focus on the strategic and operational aspects of treasury management for corporates.This course is designed to give participants practical “hands-on” expertise for immediate implementation in their own organisations.



Accounting for Non-Accountants

Course Duration: 3 Days

Accounting for Non-Accountants course provides a comprehensive introduction to the role of accounting in supporting and informing all business decisions throughout the organization. It is designed for those who access, use, and rely upon accounting information, but do not have accounting training or background. You will also appreciate the relationship between accounting and finance and understand the use of debits and credits.

Merger and Acquisitions 

Course Duration: 4 Days

This course is designed for professionals working in investment banking, corporate development, private equity, and other areas of corporate finance that deal with analyzing M&A transactions.



Project and Infrastructure Finance 

Course Duration: 4 Days

In today’s volatile markets there is a renewed appreciation of the relatively stable long-term cash flows from infrastructure investments. An increasing part of such infrastructure is by necessity being financed on a project – or limited recourse – basis.

Project and Infrastructure Finance enables companies to raise focused, risk sharing, finance in key industries and is an increasingly important method for governments to introduce private sector skills, disciplines, and funding in a range of sectors.

Human Resource Courses

 Human Resource Management: Personnel Selection using Assessment Centers

Course Duration: 3 Days

This course will introduce you to the main points in the human resource recruiting process with a variety of testing techniques to evaluate candidates on behaviors relevant to the most critical aspects (or competencies) of the job

HR Strategy Process: Policies and Procedures

Course Duration: 3 Days

Employees are assets to an organization. HR professionals enable employees to contribute effectively to achieving organizational goals by ensuring that they are managed effectively through HR policies and procedures to ensure transparency, consistency and orderliness in implementation of activities and processes.



HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations 

Course Duration: 4 Days

Human resources have the unique role of being the strategic partner coordinating all the other resources for the achievement of organisational goals. This role bestows on human resources the ability to direct the development path of organisations. Human resources can therefore, be used to propel organisations to their desired corporate destinations. To achieve this requires the adoption of the necessary strategies, which have to be identified and used when eventually acquired.

Performance Improvement and Accountability in Public Service 

Course Duration: 4 Days

Public sector organisations have recently been undergoing major reform, given the increasing demands for high-quality services by the public. As such, there is an urgent need to increase accountability, customer orientation and performance of public sector professionals, in order to provide efficient and high-quality services to the public.

Human Resource: Performance Management

Course Duration: 3 Days

This course examines the importance of an effective performance management system in helping organizations define and achieve short- and long-term goals. It explains and reinforces the concept that performance management is not a one-time supervisory event, but an ongoing process of planning, facilitating, assessing, and improving individual and organizational performance. In addition, the course emphasizes the importance of measuring the effectiveness of human resource activities that are designed to enhance individual and organizational performance.


Organisational Behaviour

Course Duration: 4 Days

Organisational Behaviour examines the structures of our workplaces and looks at ways in which they can be improved. It addresses issues such as workforce motivation, incentives, team building and office environments and how we can best manage the dynamics of organisational change.

Procurement and Supply chain Management Courses

Procurement Planning and Bid Management

Course Duration: 4 Days

Procurement management or planning is an integral part of overall project management. It entails a detailed plan around methods to procure raw materials and goods necessary for the entire manufacturing process and strategies to maintain good supplier relationships for the continuous supply of goods at nominal prices.



Logistics and Distribution Management 

Course Duration: 4 Days

Logistics and distribution management is a critical organisational function. Professionals working in these processes meet customer demands, order and manage inventory, control inbound and outbound shipments, reduce costs, save time and help meet company objectives.




Inventory Planning and Stock Control 

Course Duration : 3 Days

Inventory planning is the supervision of inventory and stock of goods. It is a part of the supply chain and is concerned with transfer of goods from manufacturers to warehouses for storage and then from warehouses to the place of sale of goods. Thus, inventory could be either raw material or the finished product or both. Inventory is one of the most valuable assets of an organisation and hence should be protected from risk of spoilage, theft or damage.

Project Management Courses

Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation Class 

Course Duration: 4 Days

The PMP is the gold standard of project management certification. Recognized and demanded by organisations worldwide. The PMP validates your competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams.

At the end of this course, participants will be able apply the generally recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® to successfully manage projects and also be prepared to write the PMP certification exam.


Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Preparation Class 

Course Duration: 4 Days

The CAPM demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology and process of effective project management. This course is an entry-level program that is ideal for individuals and enterprises who are looking to gain fundamental understanding of globally-recognised PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition.

At the end of this course, participants will learn about the basics of project management and professional responsibility.

Establishing and Managing the Project Management (PMO) Office

Course Duration: 4 Days

The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge required to build and manage the Project Management Office (PMO). The course also aims at assisting participants in tailoring a project management methodology that fits their organization’s environment by assessing the project management maturity level of their organization and implementing strategies to improve it.


Risk Management in Projects 

Course Duration : 3 Days

Projects, by their very nature, always carry uncertainty (risk). This course teaches the practical steps and skills involved in identifying and dealing with the broad range of uncertainty typically found in projects, commonly referred to as project risk management.

Project Management Tools and Software 

Course Duration: 3 Days

This course will teach YOU how to be a great Software Project Manager. You will learn the special knowledge, skills, tools and techniques you will need to perform well – and with some experience you will become a great project manager.

Change Management Courses

Fundamentals of Change 

Course Duration: 3 Days

Change is as complex as it is inevitable. The Fundamentals program is designed to spread awareness and desire for some additional knowledge of Change Management and the Prosci® ADKAR® Model.

You will first establish a shared definition of Change Management and how it impacts organizational outcomes, then understand the research and best practices, as well as all the factors that drive Change Management ROI.

Resistant Management 

Course Duration: 3 Days

The success of organizations lies in their ability to change. To achieve this, organizations need to know how to navigate change and, above all, know how to generate interest and commitment among the many players involved so they can take ownership and become real agents of change.

Based on the best change management approaches, this training course offers a humanistic perspective that allows you to rediscover the organization and its stakeholders and acquire the tools you need to navigate change.

Stakeholder Engagement

Course Duration: 3 Days

Effective stakeholder engagement has long been regarded as crucial in achieving positive outcomes and driving benefits through investment in change. Cultivate a culture of collaboration and confidence among your key stakeholders

Leading your Team Through Change 

Course Duration: 1 Day

Managers are the first example that employees look to when they need to adopt a change or understand how a change affects them personally.

 This workshop is designed to help people managers proactively lead teams through change. You’ll learn how to define and accept your role in change, plus gain practical frameworks for becoming an effective change leader.

Enterprise Change Management 

Course Duration: 1 Day

Making your organization truly change-ready can offer new competitive advantages. To get there, you need to first understand your current change capability.

 This highly specialized boot camp moves you quickly through the process of understanding your current level of change capability. You’ll also define your desired future state and map out the most logical path between them. And you’ll leave with the tools and framework that enable you to plan and execute your change-ready strategy.

Sponsor Program for Executives 

Course Duration: 1 Day

Active and visible sponsorship is the number one contributor to overall project success. This one-day program will help leaders embrace their role in the change process. They will discover that “visible and active sponsorship” is more than simply authorizing resources or providing funding.  This course is designed for executives and senior leaders who leads and sponsor change initiatives & projects.