Leadership Team

Funmi Ogbue

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Funmi Ogbue is an organisational change management expert and oil and gas professional. She founded Jake Riley in 2015 and has led the company’s contribution to a number of Nigerian government departments including NNPC, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, NCDMB, OGFZA, SON etc.

Our Team - Ojinika Mba Kalu

Ojinika Mba-Kalu

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ojinika Mba-Kalu is a project manager whose wealth of experience cuts across various sectors of the economy. Her key areas of experience include project management, customer relationship management, as well as chnage management and organisational development.

Tony Onwuha

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Anthony Onwuha is a performance driven finance professional with over eleven years of progressive experience across a diverse range of functions in the financial services sector such as credit analysis & structuring, FIRS accounting, process and procurement audit, strategy business planning and audit, etc. 

Sonny Onasanya

Chief Technology Services

With over fifteen years of expertise in the IT, legal, telecoms, oil & gas, and professional services sectors, Sonny Onasanya brings extensive wealth and knowledge to his role.