Funmi Ogbue
CEO/Principal Consultant

Funmi Ogbue is an organisational change management expert and oil & gas professional. She is the founder and CEO of Nigeria’s leading organisational support company, Jake Riley Limited; oil and gas services and procurement firm, Zigma Limited; security services provider, Libra Security; as well as Support Our Troops, a foundation set up to promote citizen support for members of the military and their families.

Ojinika Mba-Kalu
Head, Business & Project

Ojinika Mba-Kalu is a project manager whose wealth of experience cuts across various sectors of the economy. Her key areas of experience include project management, customer profiling and inventory management, customer relationship management, company procurement opportunities, media, team synergy, administration with emphasis on project execution as well as change management and organisational development.

Anthonia Taiwo-Ajayi
Head, HR and Consulting

Anthonia Taiwo-Ajayi oversees the recruitment, talent hunt and training affairs of the organisation. Her wealth of experience spans years in outsourcing, learning and training, research and development, leadership and team management, as well as regulatory compliance and strategic planning.

Adeshina Olaitan
Project Coordinator

Adeshina Olaitan has about nine years of professional experience in different sectors of the Nigerian economy. He is a certified ISPON HSE Engineer and coordinates all engineering and HSE projects at Jake Riley Limited.

Daniel Adugbo
Head, Communication

Daniel Adugbo has ten years of professional experience as a media and communication specialist with a broad range of capacity around media marketing, branding, and content development. Daniel leads the team that manages all internal and external communications for Jake Riley, promoting the company’s image and ensuring that its branding and messaging are consistent.

Sonny Onasanya
Head IT

With over fifteen years of experience in the IT, legal, telecoms, oil & gas and professional services sectors, Sonny brings extensive wealth and knowledge to his role. He is also the project manager on the Jake Riley/NNPC organisational change management (OCM) project.