Organisational Change and Development

Our goal is to revolutionize our clients’ regular processes, making them extraordinary while enhancing productivity via innovations that align with the current global standards. We design and implement the required systems, structures, policies needed to reform the way you work and align you to your goals.

HR Delivery

We deliver best practices for our clients on HR projects and services. Our HR delivery encapsulates the function that spans the entire employee lifecycle from application to departure on client engagement, talent management, career development, HR policies and procedures, and all the moments in between.


JR Jobs

We host a one-stop platform that supplies a database of qualified professionals across several fields actively seeking to be engaged. We also provide headhunting, recruitment as well as outsourcing services. With a keen sense of professionalism and excellence, we pride ourselves in seeking out and identifying the right persons for the job.


JR Academy

As an institution, Jake Riley Academy develops and improves skills, abilities, and confidence of employees in (but not limited to) the public sector. We aim to inspire a new generation of corporate leaders, thinkers, and innovators through our programs and courses which range from leadership and management to technical and vocational training.


JR Training Brochure

JR Vocational Training Brochure