Process Services

Success through innovation, we specialise in helping clients make strategy happen.

Change Management
& Organisational Development

Jake Riley assists government agencies and ministries in defining and implementing procedures and/or technologies to deal with changes in policies and to profit from changing opportunities.

This entails the definition of business strategies and policies; creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes; a collection of business and user requirements; business process re-engineering (BPR); feasibility studies, vision documents, and business case modeling.

Project Management

Jake Riley takes a methodical approach to planning and guiding clients’ project processes from conception to completion.

This also entails the management of project resources, risk management, financial management, change and configuration management.

Quality Assurance

Jake Riley assists clients in undertaking the systematic investigation of a specific area of their operations like accounting, human resources, and quality assurance.

Other areas of focus include: Project Quality Plans (PQP), Functional and Quality Tests, Quality Assessments, Quality Audits, Quality Control and Evaluation of the Software Development Cycle, and Elaboration and Implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Value-For-Money Audits

The primary objective of the Jake Riley Value-For-Money (VFM) audits is to provide independent information and advice on how economically, efficiently and effectively departments, agencies and other central government public bodies have used their resources.

Jake Riley aims to promote better value for money by highlighting and demonstrating to audited bodies ways in which they could make improvements to realise financial savings or reduce costs; guard against the risk of fraud, irregularity and impropriety; provide a better quality of service; strengthen and enhance their management, administrative and organisational processes; and achieve their aims and objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Jake Riley carries out VFM audits in government agencies and other public bodies when appointed as inspectors or has rights of access and inspection.



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