We have the right access and connections into African markets to help you succeed with market entry, business growth, or executing your projects. Directly engaging with relevant consumers is a challenge faced by every business and building these relationships takes time

Our Methodology


This entails the initial diagnostic effort aimed at understanding the client’s needs and requirements, gathering required data for the planning and implementation of recommended solutions.




This involves interpreting the data gathered during requirement analysis to develop a design and implementation plan for the recommended solution.



This involves executing the implementation plan according to best practices, to meet customer’s expectation.



Jake Riley’s services focused on four key corporate management areas:

People & Culture Services

The Public Sector deserves the prerequisite human capital to drive government initiatives. At JR we are Responsible for the sourcing and delivery of People & Culture related services to the public sector.

Technology Services

The current tide in the Public Sector is geared towards digital transformation. At Jake Riley, Our Technology Services involve helping the public sector define and implement the best solutions for digitalized and automated processes that increase efficiency and productivity. Our services are customized to meet public sector core requirements to deliver applicable policies.

Brand & Communications

A good image and promotion of government initiatives is key to the effective delivery. JR Communication and Branding is responsible for the sourcing and delivery of branding & communication services as required for our public sector clients as applicable.

Corporate Services & Management

Public Sector organizations generally require functional solutions that deliver business support services, based on specialized knowledge and best practice. At JR, we provide bespoke support services such as market entry analysis, business intelligence, compliance management, document management, Revenue generation advisory, and collection and Money for Value Audit.



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